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sábado, 29 de octubre de 2016

We Are The Dwarves at 80% Discount #IndieGameStand

We Are The Dwarves at 80% Discount

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We Are The Dwarves is a real-time tactical adventure where you take control of three Dwarven astronauts.

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The Story

'We Are The Dwarves' features a unique setting and story. Opposite to the real Universe we know, everything is inverted here: the void is replaced by endless stone, where life exists only in gigantic caves enlightened by bright Stars. These Stars have special powers, that are strong enough to change physical laws and give life. Dwarves use Stars as the Cores for Dwarf Kingdoms. Dwarves are just a race among others, being at the edge of extinction, because the Stars mystically go out.

Forcer, Smashfist and Shadow are the only survivors of a drilling starship expedition, and their mission is to find a new Star for the dwarven folk. The accident brought them to the unknown part of the Stone Universe, pushing them into dangerous circumstances, but that's where the adventure begins! Dwarves are going to meet other small civilizations and ancient monsters from the deep layers of the Endless Stone.

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New Release – Soulless: Ray of Hope

Follow the ray of hope in a world of darkening silhouettes as you help Elin save his friend and face his deepest fears.

Immerse yourself in Elin's childlike wonder, and witness each new puzzle, secret, sin, or dilemma unfold to discover the truth behind this shadowy world.

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New Release – All Haze Eve

A 3D adventure game where your initial abilities are to knock, ask, trick and take. You're following a mysterious Halloween invitation into the monster-filled night. Use your abilities to get other abilities to get the final item – a treat. What could possibly go wrong?

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Free game – Beholder

Welcome to a grim dystopian future. A totalitarian State controls every aspect of private and public life. Laws are oppressive. Surveillance is total. Privacy is dead. But FREEDOM lives. You are the State-installed manager of an apartment building. Your daily routine involves making the building a sweet spot for tenants, who will come and go. However, that is simply a facade that hides your real mission… SPYING on your renters!

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