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viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2016

Lichtspeer (Steam/PS4) - launching September 27th / 28th [Prensa]

Lichtspeer is an action arcade lightspear-tossing simulator based in ancient Germanic future.

What's the theme of the game?
Lichtspeer is a one-of-a-kind mixture of pulp science fiction, German sci-fi comics, VHS retro cassettes, Nordic mythology and space-age fantasy.

In a land filled with Penguin Vikings, Wurst Zombies, and Hipster Ice Giants, survival is an art. Fortunately, an ancient champion with an elegant weapon has been summoned to please the gods and restore balance to the universe. Grab your lightspear, become a Germonaut and traverse through lands straight out of Germanic myths. Survive with style and expand your powers to fight for the glory and amusement of the almighty gods.


How do I play the game?
In the actual game, you play as a guy or a girl from a Germanic spacetime, armed only with your mighty lightspear, and your mission is to kill and die for the amusement of the evil Lichtgods.

The basic gameplay is pretty simple, yet challenging - players don't actually move and the single way to interact with the game is with the use of their weapon, a spear made of light. It’s the environment that constantly changes - literally every stage of the game is different in its level design, its puzzles and its enemy types. Fighting gigantic bosses makes the level progression engaging and interesting, and killing enemies with style and finesse is rewarded by unlocking mighty power-ups and upgrades.

Main features of the game?

  • A ONE-OF-A-KIND MIX - Experience an uber fantastich mix of arcade action and lightspear-throwing simulation.
  • WUNDER BOSS BATTLES - Battle a diverse legion of gargantuan wunder bosses - exploit their weaknesses and smash them into pieces!
  • ANCIENT GERMANIC FUTURE IS HERE - Discover the lands of ancient germanic future and fight a horde of bidermeier beasts from another dimension - Wurst Zombies, Evil Spacedwarfs, Skater Walruses, you name it.
  • SHOW OF YOUR LICHTMAISTER SKILLS - Decapitate your enemies with headshots, execute special attacks, and generate zuper massive combos to improve your score and impress your friends!
  • BOMBASTISCH SOUNDTRACK - Rave to a bombastich space-soundtrack by Marcin Sonnenberg, ranging from electro-space marches to vibrating sounds of technocumbia.
  • RAGE QUIT AND NEW GAME+ MODES - Rise to the challenge and see if you got what it takes to beat the cruel, nerve-racking Rage Quit and New Game+ modes.

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